Sammy has been in the Army approximately fifteen years and dating his girlfriend Jennifer about half of that time. After several months of Jennifer bugging him to propose, Sammy finally got the courage to ask his superior officer for permission to use the galley and mess-hall so he could propose to his girlfriend. Upon obtaining proper permission, Sammy explained to Jennifer he would be home late for the next three nights. On the third night, Sammy told Jennifer to go buy a new evening gown, get her hair done and look her best for the following day. The next day came and Jennifer did just what Sammy had told her to with anticipation and wonder. Later that night, Sammy picked up Jennifer, blindfolded her, and soon arrived at the mess-hall. To Jennifer’s surprise, Sammy finally proposed and Jennifer accepted. Two years later, Jennifer gave birth to their new baby boy.

Flash in the Pan

word for the week: galley



Michael, had come to our school last year. He wasn’t popular, just another ordinary freshman like me. What happened next though, changed who he was for the rest of his life. Michael was running through the school parking lot to catch the bus when, out of the corner of his eye he saw Virginia. As he turned to look at her, he ran straight into the bus. Thus being dubbed, “THE BUSBOY”.

Flash in the Pan

word for the week: busboy

Master of his domain

As a young man applying for colleges, Tommy had the mundane task of figuring out what unique masters degree he would strive for. He didn’t want a masters degree in the everyday working class. After Tommy thought and searched for unique degrees, he found The Court of Master Sommeliers. Tommy had found his unique college course. Several years after graduating with his unique masters degree, Tommy was the most renowned sommelier master in France.

Flash in the Pan

word for the week: sommelier

Local pro

David was an american boy who loved playing baseball. His father took him to several Pittsburgh Pirate games, he could learn more about the game. By the time David turned 17, he was a local pro. The local Babcock & Wilcox steel mill heard how well he played,  offered David a position on their team without monetary gain. David had reservations as to whether or not to play for the company since he had applied to work for them.

Flash in the Pan

word for the week: reservations

Dream come true

John was a construction worker who could not find adequate work to provide for his family. He and his wife had a discussion about his pitiful pay checks and their bills. No matter how hard or long he worked, there was always more money going out than coming in. After a long debate, his wife agreed to let him  use the money they had been saving, to fulfill his lifelong dream of opening his own diner.



Flash in The Pan

word for the week : Diner