My story

Sgt. David Smith led his platoon through the bush in Da Nang during the Vietnam war. After taking enemy fire for fifteen hours, the shots finally ceased. While Sgt. Smith was awaiting his new coordinates, he and his platoon had tried to figure out how they could buffet their way through the immensely thick jungle not knowing what awaited them next. Sgt. Smith got his coordinates and moved the platoon forward with extreme caution. Soon, they reached the center of the jungle where there was a 100 yard clearing and no cover. With Pvt. Moore’s quick thinking, the men covered themselves in their ghillie suits to provide adequate cover. Several hours later, Sgt. David Smith and his men finally arrive on the other side of the clearing only to hear, the war was over and “Charley” had been contained. After his tour, Sgt. Smith found himself buffeting his way through civilian life.

Flash in the Pan 

word for the day: buffet


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